Living Hope ELC is a ministry of Living Hope Church in Eugene, OR. Our philosophy is to prepare the Whole Child by supporting their Faith, Academic, Social, Emotional, and Physical development. We offer daily Chapel with age appropriate Bible stories from the Beginner Bible, fun & active worship songs, and prayer time. Through our well-rounded curriculum, we can meet children where they are developmentally and support them as they continue to master acquired skills and learn new ones. Children’s physical development is enhanced and supported on our Natural Playscapes Playground and through active learning, and music and movement as well as weekly PE class!


Our Early Learners class for 3 and younger 4-year old’s is designed to familiarize your child with the classroom environment and will give them the skills needed to approach school with confidence. They will learn how to listen and follow directions, cooperate with classmates, problem solve, experience pre-math and reading, safety, manners, language development and vocabulary. Early learners will also learn their colors and shapes and to recognize the Alphabet.


In Pre-Kindergarten, older 4 and 5-year-old children will continue to prepare for school with similar daily classroom experience as our Early Learners but with the addition of the acclaimed Learning Without Tears Pre-K Curriculum. Children will gain alphabetic awareness and knowledge including letter sounds, letter recognition, and writing. Through Learning Without Tears, we will also introduce numeric symbols and values, one to one correspondence, and more. Our Pre-Kindergarten students will also learn to write their first and last name as well as recognize beginning sight words.